June 23 - 30, 2020


Smiles of sea


♫ Mayor of the Balchik, Bulgaria

♫ Public organization "Sources of the Future", Odessa, Ukraine

♫ Creative association "MeDeDiK", Odessa, Ukraine

♫ Firm "Dal", Odessa, Ukraine

♫ City House of Culture Paisy Hilendarski, Balchik



Cultivating a culture of inter-ethnic relations, creating a healthy spirit of competition between artistic groups and gifted personalities, establishing creative contacts, strengthening friendship ties, and making children physically healthy.



1.1. Applications soloists and ensembles (groups) are submitted separately.

Replacing the repertoire during the competition is prohibited!

1.2. The numbers presented in previous festivals "Smiles of the Sea" are not allowed to the competition



2.1. Choreography:

- classical dance, folk stage dance, folk-stylized dance, ballroom dance, sports dance, modern choreography, pop choreography, children's dance


0th - up to 7 years old

1st - up to 12 years old (inclusive),

2nd - 13-16 years old (inclusive),

3rd - 17-21 years old (inclusive);

4th - 22-30 years old (inclusive),

Mixed category;

Children’s dance - age up to 10 years (inclusive)

They represent 2 competitive numbers in one nomination and in one age category.

Duration of the number does not exceed 5 minutes

2.2. Theater - a drama performance, puppet theater, street theater, musical, plastic and pantomime, fashion theater, experimental genre, circus, suggests the presence of a compositionally complete fragment, with a duration of no more than 15 minutes of scenic time.

2.3. Vocal - academic, folk, pop, jazz, represent 2 pieces with a total playing time of up to 8 minutes. The use of backing vocals is permissible if he does not go in unison and does not dynamically cover the main part


1st - up to 9 years old (inclusive),

2nd - 10-13 years old (inclusive),

3rd - 14-16 years old (inclusive),

4th - 17-20 years old (inclusive);

5th - 21-30 years old (inclusive),

Mixed category;

2.4. Instrumental genre - classical, folk, pop, jazz represent 2-3 works with a total playing time of up to 8 min.


1st - up to 9 years old (inclusive),

2nd - 10-13 years old (inclusive),

3rd - 14-16 years old (inclusive),

4th - 17-20 years old (inclusive)

5th - 21-30 years old (inclusive),

Mixed category

2.5. Choir genre - represent 3 pieces, with a total playing time of up to 12 minutes.

(To participate in the competition, you must provide choral scores)

2.6. Folklore - ethnic performances, using folk dance, vocal, instrumental techniques and costumes, the duration of the number up to 10 minutes.

2.7. Majorets – show. Choreographic composition using the details of the majorettes ("baton", "pom pom", canes, flags, umbrellas, etc.). The amount of the requisite used may be different, the variety and validity of the use of this requisite is estimated in accordance with the theme and choreography of the performance. Duration of the number does not exceed 5 minutes. Categories according to IMA regulations


  1. COMPETITION REQUIREMENTS, indicated in the jury evaluation sheet:

- choreography - the subject and selection of the repertoire; performance skills; staging numbers and originality; costumes and props; artistry and expressiveness.

- theaters - subject and selection of repertoire; acting, compositional construction, decoration and props, diction

- vocals, choirs - purity of intonation, beauty of timbre and power of voice, mastery of sound dynamics, artistry and expressiveness, appearance

- instrumental genre - purity of performance, mastery of the dynamics of sound, complexity of the work performed, creative individuality, appearance.


4.1. By the decision of the international jury, in each nomination and age category the Laureates (I, II, III degrees), diplomas (I, II, III degrees) are awarded, who are awarded cups, diplomas and souvenirs.

The jury may share the title of laureate among several participants, and not award it to anyone.

4.2. The secret jury vote is determined by the winner of the Grand Prix of the festival.

Grand Prix may not be awarded.

4.3. On the recommendation of the jury, the best performers can be awarded preferential invitations to participate in other festival and concert programs in Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Serbia.

4.4. The program of the concerts and the gala concert is determined by the production and directing group. The program is final and non-negotiable.


Hotel 3*** children – 179 euros, adults – 189 euros

INCLUDED IN COST: Accommodation - 7 nights in hotel, meals: 3 times a day, guide, Diplomas, cups, gifts to each participant of the festival, Technical and stage support of the festival


COST IS NOT INCLUDED: transfers, insurance, Evening program "Bivac" + entrance to Cape Kaliakra - 21 euro, unlimited entry to the Botanical Garden for 5 days: children 7 euros, adults - 10 euros, competitive fee: team, small forms - 50 euros (for the whole team) in one nomination, soloist - 25 euros in one nomination


FREE OF CHARGE: (food, accommodation) for 1 leader per group of 20 people

The application is accepted for inclusion in the festival program after written confirmation from the organizers.

Applications and documents are accepted until May 10, 2020

Applications are filled on the website of the organizer!


MOB/VIBER/WHATSAPP +380677530416





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